Chivas - The Venture

Chivas tasked AnalogFolk with building the online presence for 'The Venture' initiative. The Venture is a global competition and campaign intended to promote the cause of social entrepreneurship.

Resposive application, localised into 4 latin languages. Built upon the Symfony2 PHP framework with a phased release across 14 markets over 6 months.

In addition to an entirely custom front-end, the application included a multi-user admin system to moderate the competition and manage regular content updates. A blogging tool was added to the scope part-way through the build.

The development team scaled to 7 fully resourced developers with additional third-party QA. The backend was built on a LAMP stack using Symfony2. The front-end was developed using Grunt, SASS and predominantly vanilla JavaScript.

Hosting was managed via Rackspace with Level3 provding caching. Developers worked on Vagrant boxes, builds used Jenkins and deployments were scripted using Capistrano.

I was contracted as the Head of Development for the agency at the time, but when a CTO was hired and the team grew I took on full-time technical leadership of this project.

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